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How it works

Use our Escrow Service through 3 steps.

  • Getting Started

    The buyer or seller creates an account and proceeds with verification by providing KYC and a withhold agreement. Registered users save 0.25% on escrow fees and build their trust score to inspire confidence in future transactions.

  • Create Trade

    After verification, the seller creates an escrow and the buyer will receive an invite link to through email to onboard the escrow. The buyer creates a new account or login with the invite link then onboard the escrow. The seller receives a notification of buyer onboard status, then the seller proceeds with funding of the cryptocurrency and the buyer funds the fiat. The parties will receive notification of successful funding by both parties simultaneously.

  • Complete Transaction

    After a successful funding by both parties as in the agreement, the seller and buyer will release the coins and fiat respectively. If there is a problem they can raise a Dispute instead. If buyer and seller complies, transaction can be completed within 24hrs. Once the coins and fiat is released to both parties. We will proceed with disbursement according to the agreement.

Get fully featured, Secured Escrow

Lumentrades Escrow is a perfect solution for your cryptocurrency escrow needs.

Why Choose Lumentrades Escrow

Intuitive Experiences Designed For Any Trader

Safe & Secure

If you are seeking a safe payment solution for transactions and or a neutral third-party custodian service to hold funds, with the authority to make disbursements when conditions are met, then “Lumentrades Escrow” can provide that secure and safe payment solution.

Due diligence always conducted on every transaction

As an International business we are directed to ensure strict compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Anti-Money Laundering

In accordance with our obligations we follow a strict Know Your Client protocol in respect of all customers paying funds into our segregated client account or receiving funds therefrom. This includes, for individuals, obtaining proof of identity and proof of address and ensuring that the remitter or recipient of funds is not a so-called Politically Exposed Person. For businesses we undertake the same protocol for the director(s) and the major shareholders of the company.

Straightforward Pricing

Our 0.025% flat-rate commission on all trades gives you access to our award-winning trading experience. Plus, we keep our pricing simple with no coin limits or hidden fees, no trade requirements to access advanced features.

Customer Support

We know it’s important to get professional guidance you can trust. That’s why our experienced, licensed reps are available by phone, email, chat, and in-person for one-on-one support – when you need it most.

Recurring Trades

Lumentrades Escrow allows you to set up recurring transactions in just two clicks.

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